ADCS Live Stream Viewer Hub


This is the Augmented Design Capability Studio's live stream design Viewer Hub.

All live streams viewed through this webpage are a part of a research study conducted by the ADCS at Carnegie Mellon University. Below is the consent form for your participation in this livestream. Please read it and confirm your consent. DISCLAIMER: By choosing to remain on this stream you consent to the terms below and may be recorded.

Viewing Instructions
Twitch requires you to create an account in order to use the chat and extensions. Please create an account, or click "Watch on Twitch" in the bottom right of the live stream screen, to login. Once logged in and viewing on twitch, you'll be able to access the chat and extensions (located on the right side of the stream screen). For further questions message the chat and a moderator will assist you!

Before exiting the live stream please complete the Post Session Questionnaire.
Your feedback helps us greatly!

With Gratitude,
ADCS Live Stream Design Team