Augmenting Designers

What is the future of design? As computation turns our cars, speakers, and home appliances into robots, we are interested in how designers engage with new opportunities and challenges when creating interactive products. We work on developing interactive systems that enable designers to understand people, prototype new devices, and embed intelligence into products. Ultimatley, we look to help designers do what they do better.

Our research explores many different design domains, with a strong focus on emerging areas such and interaction with autonomous physical systems, human-robot interaction, and human-AI interaction. We have done work around automotive user experience, interaction with conversational music systems, semi-automated farm equipment, new mobility technologies, and automated design tools. We are interested in undestanding and developing new methods and tools for all phases of the design process. To inform our research, we often collaborate with designers in industry. In turn, this contributes to professional design practice by introducing new methods and tools that allow designers to better connect with their users and to explore the future capabilities of intelligent systems.

The Augmented Design Capability Studio is led by Nikolas Martelaro at CMU's Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

We love to collaborate. Come design with us!

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